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Basic Tools Needed:

  • Broom and Pan
  • Ball Pen Hammer
  • Wooden Float
  • Stanley Knife
  • Straight Edge
  • Measuring tape and pen
  • Mop & Bucket
  • Clean Green/Handy Andy

Instruction Sheet

Firstly you will need to determine whether glue is required for your installation, bearing in mind that most installations only need to be loose-laid. Glue will only be required if the installation will be done in a high traffic and heavy duty type environment. (We recommend “Pekay A660 two part polyester glue”)

The vinyl flooring adhesives that we carry stock of and use when doing an installation is a polyurethane adhesive which is a very strong adhesive that is recommended for high traffic areas where there will be movement of heavy vehicles etc.

Please contact Brian 082 682 5301 for any advice or assistance with this.

adhesive for interlocking floors made from flexible pvc

Step by Step

Step 1:

Ensure that your floor surface is level, clean, dry and free of all debris

Step 2:

Ensure that you have read all of these instructions and have done all of your preparation work required to understand your installation process. i.e. Have all of the necessary tool available; have your tiles readily available for your installation and ensure that you understand process you will follow to lay the tiles.

Step 3:

If you will be gluing your tiles down you would need to mix your glue and spreading it evenly over a portion of your floor at a time using a wooden float.

Step 4:

Start at the entrance or doorway of your area. Lay your edging ramp and first row of tiles by using a small ball pen hammer to gently clipping them together. Continue laying your full tiles until the room/area is fully tiled.

Step 5:

Once all of the full tiles have been laid, measure the open gaps around the perimeter of the room and cut the tiles to fit these gaps by using a sharp Stanley knife and straight edge.

Step 6:

Simply fit the cut tiles into the gaps to complete your installation.

Step 7:

All that is required now is for you to clean your tiles with a warm solution of Clean Green or Handy Andy.

… And enjoy your DURABLE FLOORS!

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